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5 Inspiring Seniors Defying Age Stereotypes

Older adults are tenacious, powerful forces to be reckoned with. Yet despite the giant strides our society has made to embrace diversity and change our preconceived notions of growing older, we’ve still got a long way to go. Today, our perception and representation of aging

Are Brain Games for Seniors As Beneficial As We Think?

There’s no denying that the aging process can be an immense challenge. Not only is it an entirely new, unexpected journey that often catches people by surprise, but throughout the aging cycle, older adults are continuously losing some ability that they’ve had for the majority of

Aging in Place: Why It's More Important Than Ever

All across the planet today, there’s an overwhelming trend of aging populations throughout a number of countries - meaning a substantial portion of a country’s population is over the age of 65. From Japan and Italy to Portugal, Germany, and all across Europe, seniors now

Bridging the Digital Divide Between Older Adults and Technology

Like it or not, let’s face it - we live in a tech-driven world. In more ways than we often realize, technology plays an integral role in our daily lives, from our morning routines to our nightly means of entertainment. The next time you need to know a quick piece of information

Caring for Elderly Parents: Our Comprehensive Checklist

Over the years, there inevitably comes a time in our lives in which we start to notice our relationship with our parents is changing immensely. All too suddenly, we start to transition from being taken care of by our parents - how it’s essentially been for our entire lives -

Seniors Watching TV: Companionship or Hindrance?

While extensive research has been conducted regarding the impact of television on the behavior and development of children, little has been done at the other end of the life span – regarding the impact of television watching on older adults.

Proactivity 101: Why and How is ElliQ a Proactive Device?

Modern technology can offer so much – our devices have the ability to perform tasks that would have otherwise been too complicated or taken too much time, and can contribute to an overall better daily life.  But stop to consider how you use the devices in your life. For every

Our Beta Testing Journey

"I am so happy that I got in at the very beginning to see the changes and improvements in her.  I can really appreciate the changes that were made." The challenges we face as we age, physically, mentally and emotional, are real and complex. As our population gets older, it’s

The Wait is Over! Become the First to Get an ElliQ

Dear friends, It’s with great excitement that I write this post. Our amazing team at Intuition Robotics has been working hard for 3 years to bring you ElliQ, and today we have some big news. 2018 was an amazing year for the company. It started with ElliQ winning Best of

Loneliness and Aging: An Issue We Must Not Ignore

What do we talk about when we discuss aging? More often than not, the conversation goes straight into healthcare – with aging inherently comes the decline of our physical and mental health, and our system, be it government or private, has always worked to address these issues.

Designing with Expression in Mind

In this upcoming series of blog posts we’d like to introduce you to the team members of Intuition Robotics and show you the processes, tools and principles that go into building ElliQ from the inside, out. In this post, our design innovation researcher, Shlomi Azulay will take

Believe it or Not: Older Adults WANT to Use Technology

During my years of working with older adults, I never gave much thought to their views and feelings about technology. There was always something more urgent to tend to. But ever since I started working at Intuition Robotics, I've researched the topic thoroughly, and came to one

Designing ElliQ, Part II: The Detachable Screen

We are hard at work crafting ElliQ for the most intuitive and engaging experience. In this series, we’d like to share a few aspects about ElliQ that will help you get to know her better: why she looks the way she looks, the depth of her personality, the meaning behind her moves

Designing ElliQ, Part I: Name and Face

In a series of blog posts to come, we’d like to further introduce you to ElliQ, the active aging companion. We are hard at work crafting ElliQ for the most intuitive and engaging experience. In this series, we’d like to share a few aspects about ElliQ that will help you get to

ElliQ Wins AARP's Innovation Award in the Social Well-Being Category

Today AARP announced the winners of their innovation awards. According to AARP: "The AARP Innovation Champion Awards were created to recognize and celebrate the extraordinary efforts of companies that are aligned with AARP's core mission – to empower people to choose how they

Roles Reversed: The Emotional Journey of Caring for Parents

When Does It Start? Suddenly, you discover that your roles have been reversed: It’s as if you’re the parent, the one who’s coaxing, watching, ready to prevent a fall, providing support getting in and out of the car. Watching a parent decline is a painful experience that, for

I’m a Gerontologist and I Work at a Startup

Hi, my name is Keren. I am the gerontologist at Intuition Robotics, where we are building an AI-driven social companion for older adults. What is a gerontologist and what do we do, you might ask. Gerontology is the scientific study of the biological, psychological and