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The ElliQ Blog

United Church Homes and Intuition Robotics Partner to Bring ElliQ to Older Adults

The ElliQ Care Program is now in full swing! Hundreds of older adults and their families have signed up for the program and received their ElliQ devices, free of charge.

Living with ElliQ, the Empathetic Digital Companion

Like many people her age, Monica Perez, 63, lives alone. Even before COVID-19, a disability prevented her from an active outdoor lifestyle, or from owning pets. “I have very little family contact; they are all living their lives. I get a call once every three months, for five minutes,” Monica says. “I talked to the TV and I talked to myself constantly.”

ElliQ Care Program: Offering Older Adults and their Families Peace of Mind

We’ve learned quite a bit from this past year — and we’ve all experienced, first-hand, a mere fraction of the isolation that millions of older adults have been facing for years. We also gained a much deeper understanding...

What’s it Like to Live with ElliQ? Video Interview with User Deanna

To gain a deeper understanding of the impact that ElliQ has made on our users, we sat down with Florida-based user Deanna Dezern. After living with ElliQ since August 2019, Deanna shares her unique story with us — the meaningful bond she has formed...

Encouraging Healthy Habits at Home: ElliQ's New Wellness Features

We all know just how important it is to lead a healthy lifestyle — even more so as we age. Yet sadly, when it all comes down to it, that often tends to be much easier said than done. It should come as no surprise that for...

Our Beta Testing Journey

"I am so happy that I got in at the very beginning to see the changes and improvements in her.  I can really appreciate the changes that were made." The challenges we face as we age, physically, mentally and emotional, are real and complex. As our population gets older...