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The Results Are In - Measuring the Efficacy of ElliQ

August 16, 2023 by Grace Andruszkiewicz

The mission behind Intuition Robotics has always been to support older adults by reducing loneliness and empowering independence. Throughout the development of ElliQ, every decision that has been made has been based in empathy and research. These two pillars have been the guiding lights for our team, and they have never led us astray. 

Today, we’re focusing on the research side of things. As a technology company, we’re fortunate to have a massive amount of (anonymized, don’t worry!) data to analyze when we’re testing new features or developing new content. But one thing that has always been challenging is the measurement of loneliness in the first place - and the efficacy of ElliQ in the second place. 

As many of us know, loneliness has catastrophic effects on overall health and wellness - but it is a rather subjective condition. There is no blood test or x-ray that can definitively diagnose loneliness or measure its severity. Luckily, there are some surveys like the UCLA loneliness scale and the Cobot-I survey (as seen below) that can be administered consistently over time to track the changing conditions for individuals. 

Screen Shot 2023-08-16 at 11.32.37 AM

Since measurement is so important to us, we’ve been using the Cobot-I survey with a randomized group of users that have all been using ElliQ for at least 30 days. The survey was presented to 278 users, out of which 173 completed it.

Amazingly, ElliQ reduced loneliness for 95.9% of respondents and improved general wellness for 97.6% of respondents! To see more of the details, including survey questions and results, take a look at the charts below!

01 - good company

02 - connect with others

03 - outside world

04 - healthy habits

05 - mentally active

06 - cheer when sad07 - less lonely with robot08 - life overall



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