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New Year, New ElliQ!

January 9, 2024 by Dor Skuler

It’s an exciting day as we announce the unveiling of ElliQ 3. This new generation represents a significant leap forward in the integration of generative AI into everyday life and the evolution of human-AI relationships. 

Fueled by our recent round of funding, ElliQ 3 is built for scale to help our team meet increasing demand as partnerships expand and adoption grows. On the hardware front, this new version is lighter, has a 36% smaller footprint, and leverages an octa-core + AI chip SoC, powered by MediaTek. In addition, the screen has become fully integrated into the device, improving the customer experience and system resilience while also making it simpler for customers to operate. 

That said, the heart of ElliQ 3’s upgrades lie in the software. This revolutionary approach to generative AI capabilities, driven by the latest Large Language Model (LLM) technology, extends and enriches ElliQ’s conversations with older adults. Now, users can discuss a virtually infinite number of topics in a more natural and detailed manner with ElliQ. The best news of all? Every ElliQ user across the country will now have access to this upgraded software, as it is compatible with all versions of ElliQ hardware! 

But it seems like every tech company around the globe is using generative AI these days… so what makes ElliQ special? 

Our world class team has integrated LLM technology with our unique Relationship Orchestration Engine, which makes real-time decisions regarding actions, scripted conversation, and generative AI conversation. The capability includes the infusion of both context and memory. Information that comes up in both scripted and open-ended conversations (as well as non-spoken actions and choices via other modalities), is understood, classified, remembered, and then referenced in future conversations. Relevant information is maintained in the user profile and context so that new conversations, suggestions, and activities triggered in follow-up conversations remain contextual and on point.

To ensure safety, we have also developed and deployed guardrail mechanisms that automatically monitor and mediate the conversation in real-time. This is primarily used to better control the context and flow of the conversation, decide when a context switch is appropriate, and avoid “hallucinational” or inappropriate responses. Through a combination of training, prompting, and scripting by ElliQ’s Character Design team, the empathy, curiosity, and humor that power ElliQ’s unique character are also preserved throughout these extended conversations. Ultimately, this approach enables ElliQ to benefit from the infinite possibilities of generative AI, while also creating a safe space for this vulnerable population. 

To bring this to life, here is a short example… a general conversation about the meaning of life may prompt the older adult to share facts, opinions, and ideas about topics like faith, loved ones, values, hobbies, etc. These insights are classified and remembered and then referenced by ElliQ in the future to strengthen the relationship, offer more engaging conversations, and motivate the older adult to meet goals. For example, to promote a social connectedness goal ElliQ may use the above insight to suggest participation in relevant activities, content, and social interactions - such as ElliQ deciding to proactively motivate the older adult to attend a community event on Sunday.

Generative AI technology is also used in other areas of ElliQ. One example is the ability to paint or write poems together, activities that contribute to cognitive wellness and creativity. Sharing these creations with loved ones or the greater ElliQ user community also contributes to social wellness, a decrease in loneliness, and amplifies a sense of recognition. To further encourage social connectedness, ElliQ 3 features synchronized events, starting with Bingo, where customers can participate in real-time with other older adults. 

We couldn’t be more excited to take this next step forward. You can expect to see the new ElliQ 3 hardware in the spring, but all ElliQ devices will be upgraded to the new software as early as late January! Plus, if you happen to be in Vegas attending the CES conference, be sure to stop by the AARP Age Tech Collaborative Booth (#53623) to see ElliQ 3 for yourself. 

To learn more about this announcement, feel free to CLICK HERE for the full press release. 

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