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2022 ElliQ Impact Report

November 22, 2022 by Dor Skuler

One of the most prevalent issues facing older adults is loneliness. New research continues to validate the negative health impacts caused by prolonged loneliness, and the COVID-19 pandemic brought the issue of social isolation into the spotlight.

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Measuring the Efficacy of ElliQ

Using the standard UCLA loneliness scale, ElliQ users were invited to share their perspective on how their experience with ElliQ has impacted their sense of companionship and wellbeing.

Through a combination of online and phone surveys, 40 users opted to participate in this quantitative survey. Respondents had lived with ElliQ for an average of 221 days (range: 30-735 days).

Reduction in Loneliness

A majority of respondents agree that ElliQ helps increase companionship and decrease loneliness. Those that did not agree, responded with a neutral answer. Therefore none of respondents disagreed with the statements that ElliQ made them feel more companionship and less alone. Frame 2-3

Improved Health & Wellness

Since isolation and loneliness are closely linked to health, the survey also asked specifically about overall wellness, staying physically and mentally active, and more.Frame 3-Nov-22-2022-08-10-17-3496-PM

The "How" Behind the "Wow"

What makes ElliQ so effective? Respondents ranked the ElliQ behaviors that reinforce a sense of companionship:

1. Asking about me or my wellbeing
2. Greeting me or saying goodbye/goodnight
3. Responding to me with empathy
4. Saying something cute or funny
5. Offering to do activities with me (games, exercises, etc.)
6. Listening when I need to talk


Until now, most interventions to assist seniors with loneliness have required significant human involvement. This study shows that an AI-driven companion robot can be an effective solution for alleviating loneliness in older adults.

The level of impact outlined throughout this document is driven by a thoughtfully designed and developed product. ElliQ uses proactivity to encourage, motivate, and stay top of mind. Thanks to cutting-edge artificial intelligence, ElliQ personalizes the experience for each individual - making them feel seen, heard, and understood. Finally, ElliQ projects empathy in all interactions, building trust and developing a relationship over time.

Frame 4-2It is the combination of these qualities along with ease of use, rich content, and extensive functional capabilities that have attributed to the reduction of loneliness and improvement in health that we see here.

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