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New York State to Provide ElliQ to Over 800 Older Adults in New York

May 25, 2022 by Dor Skuler

When we started creating ElliQ, we had one goal in mind - to help our aging population live healthy, happy, and independently in their homes. In March of this year, we were extremely proud to bring that mission to life by making ElliQ commercially available to the public. And now, it is a great honor to announce that we have partnered with the New York State Office for the Aging (NYSOFA) to bring ElliQ to over 800 aging New Yorkers. 

New York State Office for Aging

NYSOFA has major initiatives focused on combating loneliness and social isolation so older adults can age in place. The state offers many services to older adults that benefit them daily, including case managers, meal delivery programs, senior centers and more. Now, older adults in New York will also have the opportunity to receive ElliQ to support independence, connection and engagement.

NYSOFA will work with local offices for the aging and other partners throughout New York to identify older adults who would most benefit from having ElliQ in their home, and work with us to get the product to the hands of those individuals. Supply for this program is limited, yet ElliQ remains commercially available for anyone in NY - available on elliq.com.

ElliQ is designed to foster independence and provide support for older adults through daily check-ins, assistance with wellness goals and physical activities, connection to family, friends and the community. The technology has shown unprecedented engagement levels with older adults. Users have an average of 20 daily interactions.

ElliQ8We’ve long believed that there is not a single silver bullet to fully support older adults. By combining the amazing local resources that the state brings to bear together with our product - we now have the opportunity to meet the needs of the older adults in a holistic, comprehensive way that has never been done before. 

Why is this important? Well, In 2017, the U.S. Surgeon General declared social isolation to be a “global epidemic” – one that has only worsened in the COVID-19 health emergency. According to the AARP Public Policy Institute, social isolation drives $6.7 billion in additional associated Medicare spending per year. The health consequences of loneliness and isolation are equivalent to smoking almost a pack of cigarettes daily. At a time when older adults are at increased risk for loneliness and social isolation, ElliQ offers another form of companionship, supplementing traditional, in-person support. 

We are thrilled to be kicking off this initiative and look forward to providing updates along the way. To read the entire press release, click here.

Enjoy healthier, happier days at home with ElliQ.

ElliQ is now commercially available!

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