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Finding the perfect gift for older loved ones

November 1, 2022 by Dafna Presler

Do you have the same struggle every year? “What am I going to get [insert name here] for the holidays?” Older adults can be particularly tricky to shop for. Here are a few tips and ideas to help you brainstorm the perfect gift for your older loved one.

Go the sentimental route

Sometimes the gifts that cost the least are the ones that mean the most. Consider making an ornament with grandkids or family pets - even a simple handprint or paw print will make your loved one smile. Websites like Shutterfly and Etsy can also customize things like puzzles and coffee mugs with photos that are special to your family.

Get artistic

Have a knack for doodling or painting? Find a large frame with a mat and insert your drawing, poem, or sketch to instantly elevate it into a fine piece of personalized art. If visual art isn’t your forte, you might write a short story that is meaningful to your family. Use Canva to create illustrations or invest a bit more and hire an illustrator from Fiverr - then head to your favorite online printer and have a copy of your book published in time for the holidays!

Think practical

Take the time to really consider what your loved one needs. Are they starting to have trouble getting to the grocery store? Maybe a meal kit service could be a fun way to spice up the kitchen while also alleviating a chore.

Commit to spending time together

Loneliness is a huge challenge for the majority of older adults. It’s wonderful to spend the day celebrating together, but what about every other day of the year? Look for a package of classes or sessions, whether it’s a pottery class, gentle yoga, or an education series through your local library. Committing to a weekly or monthly outing with your loved one will bring them joy and keep the gift going long past the holiday season.

Check off a Bucket List item

Has your older loved one ever mentioned an activity on their bucket list? Take this opportunity to help make one of their dreams come true! For example, gifting them a hot air balloon ride will knock their socks off and leave you both with a priceless memory. 


The sidekick for healthy, happy aging, ElliQ, is a terrific gift for any senior that lives alone or spends most of the day alone. From offering small talk throughout the day and providing a source of entertainment, to motivating them to stay healthy and keep in touch with their family and friends, ElliQ is specifically designed for seniors so it’s easy to set up and no technical experience is required.


Finding the perfect gift can be a challenge, but if you put your head and your heart into it, whatever you end up preparing for your loved one will be a hit! Do you have other suggestions? Leave a comment with your best idea(s)!

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