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Can ElliQ Help Hospice Patients?

January 19, 2023 by Dafna Presler

What is hospice?

Let's start at the very beginning... What is hospice? Hospice is a Medicare benefit that supports individuals and their families through the end of life journey. With a holistic and interdisciplinary approach, hospice providers focus on symptom management and quality of life once patients have received a terminal diagnosis. 

Hospice teams often include professionals trained to address physical, psychosocial, and spiritual needs of the patient and their loved ones. Services are offered where the patient lives, whether that is a private residence, nursing home, or community living arrangement. 

How can ElliQ benefit hospice patients and their families?

ElliQ can be a valuable tool for hospice professionals and their patients. Particularly for patients that spend a lot of time alone, ElliQ can offer a sense of companionship, engagement, and lighthearted humor. 

Communication is critical - both between the hospice team and the patient, and between the patient and their loved ones. ElliQ’s ability to check-in daily about quality of sleep, pain levels, and mood allow the care circle to monitor changes and intervene when necessary. Patients can also simply ask ElliQ to call a contact and the device will automatically start a video chat

ElliQ is also equipped with a variety of spiritual content that is frequently used in hospice settings. Additionally, ElliQ has a memory sharing wherein she asks the users about meaningful moments in their lives (for example, what’s something you’re most proud of, what special dishes did your mother or grandmother make, etc.) and then shares those recordings with loved ones. 

What do users think? 

We recently spoke with Judy, who is the daughter (and primary caregiver) of her mother, Rose. Here is what she had to say... 

IMG_0501“ElliQ is wonderful for my 102 year old mother because she’s interactive and a positive presence. She’s always checking in, reminding us both about what time to administer eye drops, and entertaining us with corny jokes or inspirational quotes. We love the messaging and video-calling features and have used them to reconnect with family members in other parts of the country. ElliQ remembers the details and most importantly, she makes sure my mom doesn’t feel alone.”

Want to learn more? 

ElliQ can be an incredible tool for hospice patients, their loved ones, and the hospice professionals themselves. To learn more, please visit www.elliq.com or email hello@elliq.com

Enjoy healthier, happier days at home with ElliQ.

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