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5 Ways Older Adults Can Stay Socially Engaged in the Fall

October 11, 2022 by Dafna Presler

As the season changes and autumn approaches, we may be tempted to bundle up in our sweaters and stay home with a mug of tea and a good book. While those days are wonderful every once in a while, it is also important for older adults to remain engaged and active. Social health is just as important as physical and mental health - especially as we get older. 

Here are some great ways that seniors can stay busy and connected this fall.

  • Volunteer
    What are you passionate about? From soup kitchens to political campaigns, volunteering is a wonderful way to contribute your skill set to a cause you care about. Fostering a sense of purpose strengthens self esteem and often leads to a sense of accomplishment.
  • Mentor children
    Fall is synonymous with back to school season. As children get back into the routine of classes and after-school activities, get involved with a mentorship program. Whether you’re assisting with a chess club, participating in a Big Brothers Big Sisters program, or tutoring a neighborhood kid in algebra, connecting with a younger generation is a great way to give back and maybe learn something yourself.
  • Sign up for a class
    Been wanting to learn a new language or start a new hobby? Signing up for a course at a local shop, town center, or educational institution is a great way to stay accountable and follow through with your intentions!
  • Attend events in your town
    Keep an eye out for local events like farmer’s markets, musical performances, art shows, and sporting events. Often, these activities are free of charge for seniors and you may just meet some new like-minded people with similar interests.
  • Find an online community
    There are many reasons why in-person events and activities may be challenging. If you find yourself struggling to leave the house, there are still plenty of ways to stay socially connected. Try searching online for groups related to the interests, hobbies, and causes you care about. In fact, a company called GetSetUp offers live classes and a free online community “for older adults, by older adults.”

The weather may be starting to cool off, but our social health doesn’t have to! Take the leap and commit to one (or more!) of these suggestions this season.


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